Wednesday, January 30, 2008

night at the ballet

As i was walking to the gym yesterday i noticed that my bag was a lot lighter than usual. I worried that i had forgotten a bit of my outfit. When i got to the locker room and started changing into my workout gear i noticed that the pants were really small. I started to put them on and as i was STRETCHING them up my legs like a pair of pantyhose i realized.. they were Michelle's pants. A tiny size O. Well, there was nothing i could do. Unless i wanted to go out and lift weights in my panties. So out i came.. looking like a fat elf.. or an oversized Peter Pan.. or a flabby Mikhail Baryshnikov onto the exercise floor. People were kind. I didnt hear any snickers behind my back. But i'm sure they were happy when i finished my workout and put on pants that fit.


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