Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This is my softball season so far...
rain out, bye, forfeit, rain out, rain out.
Its as if it never happened at all.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the table

I remember asking my high school math teacher when i would ever actually USE math....

Monday, April 19, 2010


Last night i had a dream that i was taking a cab to work. Yep, that's it. Just riding in a cab all night.. on my way to work. No stimulating conversation with the cabby. Just sitting there. Driving to work. all night long.

What can it mean?

Friday, April 16, 2010


Ok, so i like to exercise as much as the next guy. Yah, if the next guy's idea of exercising is sitting on the couch and watching Biggest Loser. But i do it. Because if i didn't exercise I'd be ON Biggest Loser. But i want to work out when i choose to work out. I don't want it forced on me. And that's exactly whats happening. The escalator at just about EVERY train station in the bay area is broken. Which, of course, means i have to take the stairs. Its about 3 flights to get to the street above. Every morning. Up we go! All of us worker bees taking the stairs because if we didn't we'd be trapped in the bowels of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. And really, nobody wants that. Oh sure there's always a guy playing some sort of musical instrument to try to keep us smiling. This morning it was a banjo player. I tossed a dollar in his case and growled thanks through my gritted teeth as i ascended (yet again) the broken escalator's stairs. The escalator at the North Berkeley station has been broken since i moved the east bay. Its been about 3 months now. They have the giant replacement parts stacked up in the middle of the platform with caution tape wrapped around it. At this point its turned into an art installation.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Last night was our first official softball game for the Mighty, Mighty Woodcocks. We had a game a couple weeks ago but it got rained out in the second inning so this was really the first full game. I was very excited to dust off the ol' cleats and smack some dudes asses for the first time after a very long and wet winter. I had my evening planned out perfectly. I'd go get my hair cut at 6 and be at the field at 7:30. Game started at 7:40. That left me 10 minutes to tie my laces, stretch out the hamstrings, throw the ball around a bit and be on the bench ready for the first pitch right on time. Noooooooooo problem. Until i heard this, "I'll just get out the flat iron so you can see what the haircut should really look like." uh wait, no... i didn't schedule time for the flat iron! I only scheduled enough time for the cut and a quick blow dry! No flat iron!!! But Leslie my dear friend and hair stylist extraordinaire was insistent. 'Oh, it will just take a minute. I cant let you walk out of here half done, now can i?" she lectured. "Now if only this thing would heat up...." oh god! I'll be late to the game! And we need a certain amount of people or we'll forfeit! We'll lose!!!! She started in on the flattening... "See.. it just takes a hummm.. you have a LOT of hair..." TICK, TICK, TICK "ok, now we're cooking! Its looking great! oh, hold on.. plug seems to be loose..." TICK, TICK, TICK... AAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!! She FINALLY finished up and spun me around in the chair with a hand held mirror to admire the...UH... flatness? Yep! Flat! Looks swell! Ok, gotta run!!! i said, as i quickly scribbled out a check for services rendered. I jumped in michelle's blue VW bug and we were off to the field. A Mad dash to make it by game time! I hadn't changed yet. I had my sports bra in my backpack. I just had to put it on as we drove. I unsnapped the one i was wearing and flung it to the backseat. On with the sports bra! Just as i was making my wardrobe change we skidded around a corner to find a father and son looking directly at me! "SORRY DAD!!!" I yelled as he shielded the boys eyes! Wow, that must have been quite a sight! I finished changing and pulled up to the rec center. I ran to the field. But was too late. Game time had come and gone and we had lost. The other Woodcocks were kind. They all smiled and said my hair looked nice. But i know inside their little woodcock hearts were broken. I learned a valuable lesson last night. Flat hair is for sissy's. Not Woodcocks.

Sorry fellas. I'll slap your ass next week.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

mystery garden

We have a little garden patch in the backyard. Its so exciting to plant seeds and then see their little green heads pop up out of the soil and start growing! We have great plans to make fresh salads and maybe stir fry some veggies straight from the garden. But these dishes will be mystery plates since Michelle neglected to label anything. At this point its just a bunch of green stuff. "What will you be, little fella? What will you be?"

Friday, April 02, 2010


I hate this time of year because the snails seem to wander aimlessly on the sidewalk. Why do they lose their way? There's nothing i hate worse than that sound..crack...under my shoe. Poor, poor aimless snails!