Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My mom has a table that she inherited from her grandmother. She is storing it at my aunts house here in the bay area. My niece wants the table that my mom inherited from her grandmother for her new apartment in LA. So that poses a question. How to get the much sought after table from the bay area to LA. Oh i know! Why don't i rent a big SUV and drive it down thanksgiving weekend? Perfect! Problem posed. Problem solved.

oh wait... its Thanksgiving weekend. Every mom and dad and baby are renting SUVs this weekend to go see their long lost relatives. But don't worry, there's ONE left! ONE shiny SUV waiting for me on the lot. Excellent! My niece will have her family heirloom. Oh wait, they don't have any of the super sized SUVs on the lot. Just a tiny one. In the back. With no hubcaps. Well, ok.. i guess we can try it.

I'm also responsible for two pies for the family dinner. Stay tuned to see if the table fits, the four chairs fit, the two pies fit, the 5 suitcases fit, the dog fits, the dog's bed fits, the camping gear fits (that's another story), the and if Michelle and finally...IF I FIT.

Friday, November 13, 2009

skinny jeans

Hurray! They fit!

Friday, November 06, 2009


Michelle is visiting her mom in Florida. Apparently her mom has a bit of a squirrel problem in the backyard. So she got some plastic snakes and spread them around to scare the squirrels.

Here is Michelle's email verbatim:

No ones afraid of the plastic snakes any more... Mom saw a lizard sitting on the back of one sunning himself!

Oh and get this! They bought one that expanded when you add water... Well it rained... But he just grew into a big mushy log... So they brought him in... He shrunk back to size and now scares any critters that come into the garage.

There are real snakes here too... Thankfully i haven't seen any yet.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

H1N1...to mask or not to mask...

This mask thing is getting a little out of hand...