Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In the name of Progress

And so it goes in the name of progress...
There is a store down the street from our little Berkeley house called Grocery Warehouse. Its where they sell the stuff that is JUST ABOUT to go bad, or didn't quite make the cut at the big grocery chains. Things are significantly cheaper and you bag your own groceries. No frills. You get the idea. Today i went by to grab some soda pop for cheap. Yes, I'm doing OK for myself but i still swing by for a deal every now and again. I always see the nicest people there. Today i shared my shopping experience with a single mom of 3 little girls who were digging thru the half off Popsicle display looking for their favorite flavor! An older woman stocking up on pantry staples and white wine. And a 6 and a half foot tall cross dressing man with full beard and stiletto heels cradling discounted hair products and a bag of cookies. This is the beauty in this place. We all come here and share the same roof for about 15 minutes without a second thought or second glance. Its my community. And as i walked outside i saw the proposed project sign. They will be tearing this building down to put up yet another 3 story condo catering to the young and up and coming. Progress. That's what they call it. I just call it sad.