Thursday, August 25, 2011


I just want to remind that guy who just walked by the window and flexed that just because a window is tinted and reflective on one side it doesn't mean people aren't on the other side watching him. Its a WINDOW!

I also want to remind that guy who just walked by the window and flexed that...... he's welcome to do that ANYTIME!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Titanic example of bad taste

Michelle and i were just at an outdoor festival in Oakland called "Art and Soul." There was a special area for the kids to play while the adults get loaded on Budweiser, listen to live music and shop for bad crafts. In the kid's play area there was a blow-up slide called the "Titanic Slide." This sounded interesting so I walked over to see it. I thought Michelle and i might push our way to the front of the line if it was big enough for us to slide down. As i got close i realized... the title Titanic wasn't in reference to its size. It was literally a replica of the TITANIC! The ship! The great maritime tragedy! And there were kids sliding down it and then plunging into the plastic blow-up ice burgh below!  wow.......... that's all i have to say about that. WOW! Who thought THAT was a good idea?

Friday, August 05, 2011


I just went to the store and bought TINY hamburger buns...for no other reason than.. THEY'RE SOO DAMN CUTE!