Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This weekend Michelle and i are going away and we'll have a house/dog sitter. Michelle left her a VERY detailed letter about where the costumes are and that we'll have LOTS of candy for her to give out to the kids......................hummmmmm...................... I think Halloween is NEXT month? I kinda hope she dresses up and hands out candy to random people as they come to the door.

Saturday, September 08, 2012


We went to the store this morning in Pasadena. The Nebraska Cornhuskers are in town playing the UCLA Bruins. The grocery store was PACKED with Cornhuskers buying beer for their tailgate parties. At this point in the story i must fill you in on a thing i have with Styrofoam. Basically, i hate it. If it makes that squeaking sound.. when you rub it together.. i get the heebeejeebies. Always have. Since I was a little girl. It makes me crazy! SO, in the store this morning the football fans were putting ice in their styrofoam ice chests and shoving the lids on them... which of course made that horrible squeaking sound. (I'm freaking out just thinking about it)   I turned to michelle and said "I GOTTA GET OUTA HERE!" and i started running outa the store. She had no idea what was happening. So... in front of about a thousand football fans she yells... "ARE YOU LEAKING?"