Friday, November 29, 2013


A friend of ours posted on Facebook that there's a Hitchcock Marathon today! Michelle read her post to me and got very excited imagining all the movie characters running past her house.

Its a movie marathon on television.


Overheard while out Christmas shopping. Older couple walking together:

Husband: Ooooooooh you know what i want? I want one of those remote control Helicopters!

Wife: Yah, and then i can give you the "iFind my Helicopter" app.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


I took a break from work and walked to Whole Foods to make a little salad at their salad bar for lunch. As i neared the front door i looked into an old Lincoln parked in the handicapped spot. There was a tiny old man in the passenger seat. He was alone in the car. I'm guessing someone had left him there and ran in to grab something. He was a cute old man smiling at me so i smiled back. He slowly rolled the window down and started to speak. I leaned in to listen. He started making kissing sounds and said, "Hey looking good! smooch smooch smooch, come over here. Shake those hips! smooch smooch smooch. You're so sexy! Come here! smooch smooch smooch!"      I looked at him kinda stunned and then i chuckled and went on merry way. I have to tell you, even tho he was approximately 90 and had shrunken to about 3 feet tall, it made my day. I stood a little taller as i got my salad and proudly walked back to work with a sexy stride.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

pea in a pod

Michelle's mom came for a visit for a week. Its hard to summarize a week with Michelle and her mom. But I'm going to try. Here is a snippet of a conversation that could give you a glimpse into the wacky world i lived in:

Michelle's Mom: "What will the weather be today? should i carry a sweater?"
Michelle: "Twitter stock opened at 45!"
Michelle's mom: "45? I'll definitely need a sweater."

which leaves me dazed and confused.