Friday, October 21, 2011

the kiss

Last night Michelle and i decided to chuck the cooking utensils and make somebody else cook for us at a local restaurant. It was just one of those days, you know? As we walked thru the door we saw a couple we used to pal around with from our old neighborhood in SF. They were having dinner with her parents and then taking them to the Paul Simon concert at the Greek. FUN! We exchanged pleasantries and then adjourned to our own little table for two and enjoyed a delicious dinner. As the foursome finished their meal and made their exit they stopped at our little table to say goodnight. The husband John leaned in for a hug. I was seated at the table and was at a very awkward angle to hug somebody. My face somehow ended up sorta squished between his neck and his cheek. My face was stuck there. Pinned, really. For some reason i decided that in order to make the position of my face make sense it was a good idea to kiss him.         ?         I'm not a hug/kisser. I mean, i know some people do it. And that's fine. Although i don't like the air kissers with the pat, pat, pat on the back. That's weird to me. But anyway, i just don't kiss people when i hug them. Not my thing. So, yah... i kissed him. He pulled away and gave me a smile. Noooooo!!!!!!!!! No, No, No! It was a mistake! So now, every time i see him do i have to kiss him?  Is that our THING now?   Oh gawd.....

Friday, October 14, 2011


Michelle and Banjo and I went camping last weekend for Banjo's 5th birthday. Yay! Fun! Right on the beach off Highway 1 above Bodega Bay. BEAUTIFUL! We set up our little tent, hung twinkly lights in the trees, and got out the special treat bag for our birthday girl. Fun! Fun! Fun! and then......... the first rain drop fell. Humm... maybe its just really thick fog? I mean, we ARE on the beach in Northern California. Certainly NOT bikini worthy. We continued on with the party until our eyelids were too heavy to hold open and then hunkered down for the night. I heard the beating raindrops on the roof of the tent all night. But I wished them away. Hoping that by morning this little storm would have blown right on outa town. When we woke up the next morning our little tent was basically a swimming pool. We were wet, the dog was wet, the sleeping bags were wet. I told Michelle that as fun as camping on the beach would be any OTHER time... we needed to get the hell outa there and dry off. "OK, OK.. she said but can you make a fire for us first and I'll brew a pot of coffee?"        UH........Make a fire?? In the rain??? I DO have that primal fire thing, I must admit. I'm very proud of my fire making abilities. That I can keep my little family warm. But come on...its raining! And the wood is wet! And the newspapers are wet! And the matches are wet! And..... I'M WET! She looked at me with those, "I'm counting on you to save the day" eyes. "Well, I'll try" I said. And she happily scampered away to pack up our gear. The dog sat there looking at me. Judging me. I got out the wet newspaper and wadded it up into balls, stacked the firewood in the perfect tee pee shape just like my dad taught me. And pulled a wet match out the wet match box. And tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to light the match. nothing.        tried again.      nothing.       Michelle kept stealing glances at me. "I'm trying!" I thought to myself. She smiled at me and went back to work rolling up our sleeping bags. UGH. Strike the match.. nothing. At this point I'm more than soaked. My shoes are full of water. The dog is standing in a foot of liquid. Judging me..........I finally gave up. Its impossible. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! So I sloshed over to Michelle and gave her the bad news. "I just cant make a fire in this storm. I CAN'T!" Her eyes welled with tears and said...................... "But all the OTHER campers have fires."

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......................epic fail.

Saturday, October 08, 2011


Last night Michelle and I went to an art show in downtown Oakland where she had a little piece hanging. As we walked toward the gallery we ran into an old friend of mine. Well, not really a friend. More of an acquaintance, I guess. She dated a buddy of mine for about 5 minutes. I always liked her. I thought she had it goin' on, you know? Very stylish and trendy and cool. One of those people who.. if they gave you the time of day you felt like you climbed up a rung on the social ladder. Yah, so anyway, I wasn't sure she'd remember me so I didn't try to get her attention. I just kept walking. But she saw me and recognized me and stopped me in my tracks. "Hey, Sara! So great to see you!" oh man.. she remembers me!! wow.... I stopped and gave her a hug and said it was great to see her too. And then she said it. SHE SAID IT! She said... "You look (awkward pause)........... healthy." WHAT???? I LOOK HEALTHY??????  What does that mean??? That means i look fat, right? That's what she meant!!! I mean, who says you look HEALTHY????

UGH, so last night i climbed back down a rung or two on the social ladder.