Friday, October 21, 2011

the kiss

Last night Michelle and i decided to chuck the cooking utensils and make somebody else cook for us at a local restaurant. It was just one of those days, you know? As we walked thru the door we saw a couple we used to pal around with from our old neighborhood in SF. They were having dinner with her parents and then taking them to the Paul Simon concert at the Greek. FUN! We exchanged pleasantries and then adjourned to our own little table for two and enjoyed a delicious dinner. As the foursome finished their meal and made their exit they stopped at our little table to say goodnight. The husband John leaned in for a hug. I was seated at the table and was at a very awkward angle to hug somebody. My face somehow ended up sorta squished between his neck and his cheek. My face was stuck there. Pinned, really. For some reason i decided that in order to make the position of my face make sense it was a good idea to kiss him.         ?         I'm not a hug/kisser. I mean, i know some people do it. And that's fine. Although i don't like the air kissers with the pat, pat, pat on the back. That's weird to me. But anyway, i just don't kiss people when i hug them. Not my thing. So, yah... i kissed him. He pulled away and gave me a smile. Noooooo!!!!!!!!! No, No, No! It was a mistake! So now, every time i see him do i have to kiss him?  Is that our THING now?   Oh gawd.....


Blogger scattl said...

Nooooo! kissing is optional!

8:09 PM  

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