Saturday, October 08, 2011


Last night Michelle and I went to an art show in downtown Oakland where she had a little piece hanging. As we walked toward the gallery we ran into an old friend of mine. Well, not really a friend. More of an acquaintance, I guess. She dated a buddy of mine for about 5 minutes. I always liked her. I thought she had it goin' on, you know? Very stylish and trendy and cool. One of those people who.. if they gave you the time of day you felt like you climbed up a rung on the social ladder. Yah, so anyway, I wasn't sure she'd remember me so I didn't try to get her attention. I just kept walking. But she saw me and recognized me and stopped me in my tracks. "Hey, Sara! So great to see you!" oh man.. she remembers me!! wow.... I stopped and gave her a hug and said it was great to see her too. And then she said it. SHE SAID IT! She said... "You look (awkward pause)........... healthy." WHAT???? I LOOK HEALTHY??????  What does that mean??? That means i look fat, right? That's what she meant!!! I mean, who says you look HEALTHY????

UGH, so last night i climbed back down a rung or two on the social ladder.


Blogger amanda hakim said...

that's so funny.. what a weird choice of words

"healthy" must mean bright-eyed and rosy-cheeked because I can't imagine somebody thinking you are FAT.

10:12 AM  
Anonymous tifani said...

you look.................. gorgeous!!

10:59 AM  
Blogger jeesau said...

yeah, "healthy" is a weird choice. I wonder if she mixed you up with someone who had been ill recently? By the way, I think the code word for "fat" is "robust" or perhaps "hardy."

8:19 PM  

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