Thursday, July 28, 2011

the sandwich

Last night when I got off the train from work I went to Brennan's to get a Turkey sandwich. I was too tired to cook dinner. So I got in line and sorted out exactly what I wanted. Turkey on a sourdough roll with the bread dipped in that au jus stuff… and some of that horrible cafeteria cole slaw that I love so much and a slice of key lime pie. Mmmmmm… yum…………………. The man behind the counter made the sandwich and boxed it all up nice and neat for me and handed my order to the cashier. I whipped out my ATM card to pay. I was soooooo hungry and ready to dig in! She ran my card… uh… not working. Not working? How is that possible? My dinner was only 10 bucks……          SHIT! I've been so busy this week I forgot to transfer money from my savings to my checking! I only had like 7 bucks in my account. Well, not to worry. I had more plastic. So I handed her my American Express card and reached for my sandwich. The cashier pulled the sandwich back… just outa reach. Uh.. We don’t take American Express here.      SHIT!     I stared at my little box on the counter with that DELISH sandwich nestled inside. I reached in my pocket… my face going from bright red to an ash white…any cash? I pulled out a wadded-up mess of one dollar bills and some change. At this point a line had formed behind me. I was "that guy." I spilled my money all over the counter and counted out JUST ENOUGH to cover my bill. I grabbed my sandwich before she could say anything further and rushed out the door. That sandwich tasted soooooo good! But………. I probably wont go back to Brennans for a while :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

left or right

I play softball every Tuesday night for the Mighty, Mighty Woodcocks. The dugout is always full of Jr. woodcocks running around. In the middle of our last game one of the tiny tots came up to me holding her mommy's giant baseball glove. It nearly dwarfed her. She's 3 or 4 and has to be the cutest little girl on the planet. She said, "Sawa, which hand do i put this on?" So i said, "It goes on your left hand because you want to throw the ball with your right hand." She looked up at me.. those big baby blues staring deeply into my eyes... silence... and then she said, "Sawa, which one is my left hand?"

Friday, July 01, 2011

Dodged a bullet

My badge that lets me into the building at work stopped working yesterday. It happens periodically. I used to freak-out and assume i got fired. But, you know.. that's just my nature. This time i just waited by the door until somebody came out and i dashed inside. YAY! Of course, that meant i couldn't leave the building but at least i was inside. I went and talked to the office administrator who knows all things about everything and has magical powers to fix anything from printers to a bloody nose. She said my badge expired and i had to get a new one. Complete with a new picture. "Uh! Wait! A new picture???" I've had a terrible cold all week. "No! I don't look my best! I cant get a picture taken today that I'll have to carry around with me my entire career here!?"        She looked over her bi-focals at me and said.. "I'm afraid you will." And she made that YIKES face. So she walked me over to the new badge station and waited in line with me. When my turn came up the badge guy directed me to the little painted feet on the cement floor and said.. "Ok, stand there and we'll snap your photo."        I walked to my spot. Sniffled and wiped my nose. Breathed heavily thru my mouth and wiped some goop from the corner of my eyes.   He looked at me a little closer.  "You know, i think we can just use your old photo..."