Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Some people say that people look like their dogs. Michelle just got a new little dog she named Banana. I don't think they look alike at all.

Monday, November 07, 2011

caught cheating...

First of all, i have to admit that i cant draw toes. As you can clearly see. Second, i have to admit that i got caught cheating. Which is worse? I'll let you be the judge. Here's the story:

Normally, i go to this manicure/pedicure place down the street when i get a hankerin' to have pretty nails.  The ladies all know me by name. They are very sweet to me. And by nature I'm a very loyal person. And that goes for my toe nails as well. It just so happened that i was outa town recently and had to wear flip flops. My nails were a bit of a disaster so i popped into a nail salon for a quickie. You know...on the sly. I picked the same color i already had so nobody would know. Just a touch up really.... no commitment. I sat back, relaxed and started flipping thru a magazine. I began reading about some teen star's latest mishap when the woman working on me asked a question. I didn't fully HEAR the question so i just smiled and nodded and went back to the teen star nasty gossip. As she was finishing up i looked at my toes. OH NO! A Flower! She painted a flower on both of my big toes! I didn't get a flower at my usual salon! I never ask for a flower!!        Well, fast forward to the my next visit at the salon down the street. I walked in and everybody said, "Hello Sara!" I sat in the chair and submerged my feet quickly. I rummaged for a magazine. Trying not to get eye contact. The nice lady who always works on me came to get started. She pulled my foot outa the water... looked at my toes... and looked at me over her glasses. "Pretty flower," she said. Knowing I'd been caught cheating "Uh, yah.. pretty..." i said as i blushed. Then she lifted my foot and showed the other ladies at the salon... "Pretty FLOWER," she said. I kinda half smiled. She grabbed a cloth and started rubbing the nail polish off my toes. She rubbed really hard and said under her breath..."mmhum pretty flower is GONE." And then she switched her normal little tool kit with a different tool kit that was hidden under a cloth in her bucket. She pulled a pair of rubber gloves onto each hand and did the "snap" as she reached her forearms. Oh gawd. Are those the "fungus" tools? Am i gonna get the fungus???

I learned my lesson. I'll never cheat again. My toes belong to her.