Saturday, August 20, 2011

Titanic example of bad taste

Michelle and i were just at an outdoor festival in Oakland called "Art and Soul." There was a special area for the kids to play while the adults get loaded on Budweiser, listen to live music and shop for bad crafts. In the kid's play area there was a blow-up slide called the "Titanic Slide." This sounded interesting so I walked over to see it. I thought Michelle and i might push our way to the front of the line if it was big enough for us to slide down. As i got close i realized... the title Titanic wasn't in reference to its size. It was literally a replica of the TITANIC! The ship! The great maritime tragedy! And there were kids sliding down it and then plunging into the plastic blow-up ice burgh below!  wow.......... that's all i have to say about that. WOW! Who thought THAT was a good idea?


Blogger Ramón said...

That was a decision of poor judgement on a titanic scale!
Did you experience a sinking feel as you watched those kids plunge down the slide?
Exposing children to crass symbolism may only be the tip of the iceberg! Keep a weather-eye out for other perilous objects. Who knows what else is hidden in plain sight!

8:33 PM  
Blogger pork luck said...

oh my goodness Ramon! Well done!

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Cake not so very proud of herself said...

I'd ship those designers out for sure...I mean, that whole idea is just drowning in poor taste. If they keep designing stuff like that, I doubt they'll be able to keep afloat...they'll eventually sink.

But, don't worry, there'll be another wave of designers floating in eventually. You just have to tide your time.


8:40 AM  
Blogger pork luck said...

Oh Cakey! You are so very brilliant, arent you!?

9:58 AM  

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