Monday, January 14, 2008


So there we were.. sitting on the couch watching the New York Giants hang on to a slight lead over the evil Dallas Cowboys. For good luck Michelle and i had on the exact same outfits we wore last week when my boys from New York defeated Tampa Bay. The clock was ticking down.. and the Cowboys were charging toward the end zone to win the game. Just then i noticed that Michelle wasnt wearing the blue and white striped socks she wore last week. OH GOD! I ran to the bedroom and rummaged thru the hamper.. furiously looking for those socks! I could hear the game in the other room.. Romo and his men were fighting their way closer and closer to a touchdown and the win. Then i saw it.. a bit of blue peeking out from under a dirty pair of pajamas. YES! I grabbed them and ran to the living room... the game clock was now at 23 seconds... "Put these on!" I yelled to Michelle as i tossed them to her. She quickly untied her laces and replaced her white socks with blue... i looked up at the television as Romo threw a pass 40 yards to the waiting arms of his receiver in the endzone.. oh no! Was i too late?!


all i can say is... thank god for those socks..


Blogger Michelle White Illustration said...

Yah.. go GIANTS!!!!

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