Friday, January 11, 2008

i smell sweet

I really dont have anything new to say today because my entire brain is filled with thoughts of a victory for my New York Giants on sunday against the evil Dallas Cowboys..

So.. I'm pulling something from my past that i've never talked about. I was remembering an incident from a vacation i took last year. Michelle and i went to Venice beach in LA and stayed in a hotel right on the boardwalk. As i was leaving to go play in the sand i was hit by a case of gas. I was in the elevator heading down to the lobby all alone.. what would be the harm in letting a bit escape? So.. yes.. i farted. Just then, the elevator stopped to pick up passengers on the 4th floor.. oh god! Should i get off? They'll know! But there were too many of them and i was trapped in the back unable to escape! The doors clossed and we were stuck in there.. riding down 3 more floors together! A young girl looked up at her dad and said... "Ooh daddy! It smells like CANDY in here!!!"


Blogger jee said...

Finally, an elevator hot-box story with a happy ending!

3:01 PM  

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