Friday, January 02, 2009

Beware the valet

Next up in our holiday recap...the journey to southern California. We rented a car so that we wouldn't have to drive the 61 VW Bug all the way down south. We can only go 50 mph in the bug and that means we'd be in LA two weeks late. So we rented some kinda new fancy car with all kinds of buttons and gas saving techniques built in. We started to load up all our gear and noticed that we couldn't open the trunk. We got out the fancy car manual and read up on the fancy trunk. Hold your fingers on the sensor for 1.5 seconds.. make sure you're holding the fancy key in your hand while touching the should hear 4 beeps and then the trunk will unlock. Ok.. so there i stood in the rain at 5 am with the fancy key in one hand and my finger firmly placed on the sensor. No beeps. I put my finger on another section of the rear of the car.. no beeps. I felt up every inch of that rear end. Nothing. Ok ok...I figured there had to be some sort of manual lever inside the car so i fiddled around in the dark trying to "pop" the trunk. The little gas door opened. The Hood opened. The seat went back. But no trunk. Eh! Forget it! Stupid fancy car with its stupid fancy sensor! So off we went down the 5 fwy with EVERYTHING in the back seat... the presents, the luggage...the dog bed...the dog. All of us CRAMMED in the fancy car with a completely empty fancy trunk.

Later we learned from the neighbor who actually called the dealership for us that there is a Valet lock in the glove compartment. You can keep those nasty Valet guys outa your business with this little switch. Yah, 2009 is too fancy for me. I think i like 1961 better.


Blogger ege said...

Huh. I locked the keys in the car this morning. One Friend's car, which is resting here with One Dog while she is off Doing Important Things. I left the keys in it while it was running, and AAA took three hours to get here. And One Friend tells me NOW that she has a spare key taped to the back license plate.

Screw the valet: beware ME, man!

12:25 PM  
Blogger pork luck said...

heheehheehheeh.. oh no!!!!!!!

1:59 PM  
Blogger sam said...

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