Monday, July 27, 2009


My mom and sister were up visiting last week. It was my mom's birthday on Friday so i took them to see the Broadway musical "Wicked." We decided to go to Tommy's Joint for dinner before the show. Tommy's is a San Francisco landmark. Mom and sister were really dolled up for the show. Really dolled up! About half way through dinner..."PLOP"...a spoonful of baked beans fell off mom's spoon directly onto the front of her blouse. She got a little water and a napkin and cleaned it the best she could. Then sister gets up to use the restroom and runs into a bus boy who was carrying a to-go bag full of baked beans. What are the chances!? The container fell on the floor and "SPLAT!" Beans everywhere! Including all over sister's dress! Well, we cleaned the dress the best we could and went off to the show. I sat between them smelling their lovely perfume of baked beans. I think the entire audience left the theater craving beans without having a clue why.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello my darling daughter

I am very pleased to be included in your blog BUT I have worked too hard to lose weight to be shown as a hippy momma. Next time you show me please shrink those hips a little. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Love ya! Mom

4:10 PM  
Blogger pork luck said...

awww.. sorry mom!

5:18 PM  
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