Monday, September 15, 2008


I decided to shave my legs this morning so that when i go to the gym today they won't mistake me for one of those Geico cavemen. For some reason we have a bag full of Bic razors in the house. You know, the kind you buy for like 2 cents a piece? I tried to use was as if i just had a plain razor blade in my hand. Slice! Dice! By the time i was done i had gaping wounds all over my legs. Michelle told me to put lotion on to stop the pain. "AAACK! Now its burning!!!" I yelled! " My legs are on fire!!!!" I rummaged thru the medicine cabinet for band aids. All we had were those gag gift band aids with little pieces of sushi printed on them. I was jumping up and down in agony trying to get the band aid wrapper off. Gag Gift band aids don't have the easy to use tab that regular bandages have. I finally got one loose from its wrapper and stuck it to my leg to stop the bleeding. Of course, now that i had lotion all over they wouldn't stick. I'd put one on and then go to get another one and the first one would fall off. Over and over.. put one on.. one falls off. I finally gave up and just put my pants on. I have no idea whats happening under the material. And i cant wait to go to the gym and find out. Is it better to look like a slasher film victim than a caveman? I'll let you know...

oh, and by the way, to top things off i walked out of the house this morning and michelle said, "Hey, whats that stuck to your shoe? Oh, its a sushi band aid of course. At least it sticks to SOMETHING!


Blogger EGE said...

I love how you say "those gag gift band aids" -- as if we're all like "Oh, yeah, those band aids. The sushi ones. Right."

I dare you to work out without washing. I bet NOBODY follows you on the machines.

1:17 PM  
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Blogger said...

Lotion? OMG. Ouch. The scented "whatever" in the lotion probably set your legs on fire (been there...done that...). Feel better!

8:21 PM  

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