Friday, June 20, 2008

salt lick

Not really sure why i thought of this today.. but i did. My mom LOVES salt. The more salt the better. I always tease her that I should buy her a salt lick for mother's day. One time, when my sister and i were young.. we were helping her make dinner. She put us in charge of the baked beans. My sister tasted them and thought.. more salt! So she went to shake in a teaspoon full and BOOM! The lid fell off! And all the salt in the container poured into the beans. We tried to scoop out the excess but it dissolved immediately into the sauce. We stared at the bowl with panic in our eyes! Our jaws dropped. Should we throw out the whole thing? Waste an entire batch of beans? We decided to serve them anyway and hope for the best. My sister passed the beans along to my mom without taking any for herself. Mom scooped up a huge spoonful and plopped them on her plate. We watched with anticipation as she took a bite. Our eyes darting from each other to the beans and back again. Sweat was forming on my brow.

"Wow!" she said, "These are the BEST beans I've ever had!"


Blogger Shelly said...

When I was little my Dad's friends gave him a salt lick for Christmas one year. You should totally do it.

7:30 PM  

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