Tuesday, November 27, 2007

run faster!

Michelle decided the family should go for a run last night since we all got fat over the holiday. But because of the time change it was reeeeeaaalllyyy dark. We ran thru the park and could hardly see. You could make out the whites of some sort of animals eyes.. not sure if they were dogs or cats or ????... we could hear growls and mumblings.. we all got scared and ran as fast as we could the mile and a half home!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm; I think this story needs some spicing up!
You were running thru the park, and you saw some white lights. When you stopped to peer thru a thicket, you saw the glowing white eyes of....aliens!
They tried to communicate with Banjo, thinking that she was the intelligent life that they had been searching for on this planet, but you were all so frightened that you ran (suuuuure, we believe you) the mile and a half back home!

To avoid future close encounters, I suggest that you buy a treadmill, or a stair-master and exercise at home.
Once you get over the exercise craze it'll double as clothes valet, or a conversation piece when company visits.


4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I have an idea!
Why don't you and Michelle buy yourselves collars like the lighted one that she bought for Banjo!? That way as you jog thru the Panhandle, people will see you in the dark!

You may even be a sensation with the Trustafarians, you know the trust fund kids, trying to look all scruffy and down and out; the fugitives from their parents multi-million dollar McMansions in Tiburon and Belvedere.

As you jog past, they'll think that that tab they scored on Haight Street is kickin' in!
"Oooooh, I can hear & feel in colors, Dude! - Yeah, me too!
Then they can jump in their Beemers and report the experience to their grandparents. That'll bring a tear of nostalgia to the old folk's eyes - Summer of Love! Deja vu, all over again!

See? As you jog-away-the-fat, you'll also soon have some septuagenarian humming a 5th Dimension song!
Sigh......poor granny knew that song before it was elevator muzak!

BTW: Judging by the drawing, your jogging bra is still missing(?)
See? I told you to frisk that guy who was crossing the street with your leather jacket that Michelle gave away!


7:23 PM  

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