Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nickel Karma

This morning i counted out a dollar-fifty in change for the train to work. When i got to the station i was a nickel short. I stood there... staring at my empty open hands... i looked up at the station attendant... "i'm a nickel short," i said, as angry business commuters pushed by. Without a word the little gate opened and a transfer popped out of the money taking machine. "Thank you!!" I yelled, as i ran to my train. Now i have to return the favor somehow... what can i do thats worth a nickel of karma?

oh, and i need to have my hair done.. i have that skunk top thing workin'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, when yo go to get yourself de-skunked, you can compliment two people on how they look after their haircuts; that's putting your two cents in, twice, so that works out to four cents. You probably don't want to do it three times, cause folks may wise up to you loitering around trying to score some karma points - especially so close to Christmas. Plus, you'd be one cent in the red. Hey! red cent! - get it?

Anyway, when you get home, you can gently pry the cork from Michelle's mouth and ask: "A penny for your thoughts?" But, she probably wouldn't be wandering around with a cork in her mouth if she didn't already have a habit of giving unsolicited opinions.
Still, she doesn't have to know that you're desperately trying to complete your karma-kuest.

So there you have it; a nickel's-worth of good will, and nobody has to be the wiser.


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Blogger pork luck said...


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Blogger jamamay said...

Sounds like a plan to me!

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