Monday, December 03, 2007

lucky charm

Yesterday Michelle and I met our friend Matt at the Valley Tavern to watch the New York Giants play the Chicago Bears. Michelle and Matt dont like football but they humored me and rooted for my G-men. It was a really tight game and in the end the Giants came out victorious! Now michelle and Matt have to meet me there every sunday and wear exactly the same outfits.. good luck, you know! I dont think they're too happy about that. But really guys, your sacrifice of a couple hours every sunday is for the greater good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should contact the Giants to let them know that future games are guaranteed, thanks to the SKUNK SQUAD and their soiled garments.
Acknowledging that it reeks of fan worship, bordering on fanaticism, they may even invite you to be their guests, without you having to raise a, except for Matt & Michelle!


5:59 PM  

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