Thursday, December 20, 2007

cookie baking 101

Last night Michelle and I went over to our friend Melissa's house for some pre-holiday fun. We ordered pizza and drank beer and decorated cookies. Melissa showed us how to decorate the cookies so that they look really nice.. Almost professional. That example is the cookie is on the left. A perfect rudolf. But after a few beers the cookies started to take on a weird sort of Haight Ashbury feel. They still taste yummy tho!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What brand of beer were you smo....drinking?
I don't think that your standard belch-in-bottle-beer-belly & buttcrack Budweiser brings out such creativity in most people.

Even allowing for the fact that you're a perfesshunul arteeste; that's still some fancy work!

Your bold use of colour unites the natural world with the mythology of the seasons; harkening back to the primal roots of cultures and their surroundings - frolicsome, yet strong in purpose and execution!
A tortured soul, screaming to leave an imprint, however fleeting, in the great order of the cosmos!



10:53 AM  
Blogger pork luck said...


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Blogger jamamay said...

Let's hear it for ARTSPEAK!!!!

5:24 PM  

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