Tuesday, October 06, 2009

the lift

Michelle brought her little blue VW bug to the shop yesterday. She left Banjo in the backseat while she talked to the mechanic. She described the rattling and the bumping, the grinding and the jiggling, the hickup-ing and and the neck snapping jerks. The old German mechanic nodded as he listened to the symptoms and then grinned and grimaced and calculated and planned. Michelle felt satisfied that the man understood her dilemma and that her baby blue bug was in good hands. She paced for a few minutes and then wandered off to the find the ladies room. Upon her return she realized she didn't have Banjo at her side. Where'd the dog go? The car was high above her on the lift and worker bees were rushing around underneath it unscrewing and re-screwing and unbolting and re-bolting. And there was little Banjo. High up in the sky. Staring down at her with panic filled eyes! I guess the guys in the shop didn't realize there was a doggy in the car. Up she went! Spun around! And down she came! What an exciting adventure! All is well, the bug is fixed, the doggy survived, and Brett Farve is a rock star. Nice way to start the week.


Blogger jee said...

Aw, little Banjo... She must have wondered what sort of maneuvers mom was performing -- side to side, sure -- but straight up?!

8:22 AM  
Blogger Cake said...

Ohh cute...Banjo had an adventure! :D

8:23 PM  

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