Monday, February 11, 2008


Since there was no football to watch this weekend (except for the probowl which is kinda lame) Michelle and I decided to take Banjo and our friend Jon's dog Dakota to the beach. Michelle is from Florida and i'm from LA so when the sun shines in the bay area we race to the shore! I brought Banjo's squeeker tennis ball for them to chase. Dakota is a big boy.. he has a good 20 pounds on Banjo and can outrun her. Each time I threw it Dakota would get there first and bring it back. Tail wagging. Well, this threw Banjo into a doggy fit. How dare I throw her ball to him! I'm a little slow sometimes and didnt realize right away that she was mad at me. Until I found myself in a hole. Each time I'd throw the ball for dakota she would dig and dig and dig right at my feet until finally I was in a hole. I guess she wanted to burry me. I learned my lesson.


Blogger jamamay said...

Wow, Banjo is getting smart in her old age. Poor baby, she's so cute. How can you be so mean? HA!

6:50 PM  

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