Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Michelle and I went on a quickie vacation and stayed in a cute little cottage with a fence around the property. The gate had a key code lock on it. Each time we entered Michelle looked up the code on her phone, typed it in and presto! The gate opened! As I was packing up the car to leave Michelle walked out onto the sidewalk with her bags and let the gate swing shut. I tried to grab it, but alas, it slammed. Our phones with the key code were still in the cottage. We were officially locked out. I went into immediate Macgyver mode! I walked the 6 foot high fence perimeter and looked for the best spot to climb it. I found a corner where I thought it was strong enough to hold me. I grabbed everything we owned from the car and stacked it up next to the fence. Suitcases, bags of chips, beer, anything I could find. I finally had what I thought was an amazing architectural hodgepodge of a staircase and was ready to climb it, jump over the fence and be the hero! I went back to the car to find one last piece of whatever to pile up for the final step. And the gate was open. What the? I walked down the path to the cottage where I found Michelle inside cleaning. I looked at her with my hands in the "What the hell?" position. "Oh," she said, "I remembered the code."


Blogger Jime' said...

These crack me up. I love Lucky Pork fo eva!

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