Monday, August 31, 2015


My mom sent me a little care package in the mail and inside were some documents she thought I might need like my birth certificate and social security card. When I pulled my birth certificate out of the box I noticed that the gold seal had been ripped off and taped back on. It aaaaaaaaaall came back to me...(cue flashback wavy lines and 70's music) I always loved when the detectives on TV would pull a leather wallet from their chest pocket and flip it open to reveal their shiny gold badge. They were so cool. One day while I was playing in the garage I stumbled upon something with a shiny gold star on it. THAT would be perfect to make my own badge! I quickly got work. I found some construction paper, crayons, scissors began coloring and cutting and taping and in a matter of moments I was ready to solve all the crimes of my block! I had a badge. I was a DETECTIVE! I ran into the house and found my mom. I stood before her and reached into my shirt and pulled out my paper wallet and FLIPPED it open to reveal my SOLID GOLD BADGE!            well, as you can imagine THAT didn't go over well. She grabbed my hand and took me back to the garage, found my ripped birth certificate and taped the seal back on. And that's exactly how it arrived some (a number too high to count) years later. But man, I sure was a cool detective for 5 minutes!


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