Friday, February 04, 2011

garden thief

Michelle and i went for a walk around the neighborhood today and noticed that one house down the street has a really fancy garden. Most houses in Berkeley have fancy gardens so its not that unusual to see some amazing stuff. But this house in particular had TONS of gorgeous things sprouting from every inch of their front yard. We stopped for a moment to take it all in. mmm...lovely. We looked at each other and suddenly sprouted horns on the tippety top of our heads. Little devils. We spoke in hushed voices. We'll come back after dark with some snippers and SNIP some of their plants to replant in our OWN garden. Hee hee hee... sneaky. They'll never know! We'll be quiet as church mice. 

As we walked away i noticed something out of the corner of my eye. A man. Oh no! The owner of the house was standing on his porch hidden from view! He'd heard the whole conversation. We quick stepped as fast as we could back to safety. Checking behind us the whole way for his Berkeley Garden Society posse coming to round us up. I was imagining them in their giant rubber boots, garden gloves and big floppy hats holding pitch forks and searching for us on horseback in the night.

needless to say... we wont be stealing any plants tonight. 
But tomorrow? 
One never knows...


Blogger jeesau said...

Uuuuum. You little scamps! How funny though. Probably not for you two when you realized the man heard it all. :-)

8:57 AM  

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