Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I saw one!!

I kinda feel like i saw the Loch Ness monster today! Or Big Foot! I actually saw a cop eating a donut! Well, it was just a meter maid...but still! I saw one! I thought it was an urban legend that cops just sit around getting plump eating donuts. But nope! Its true! Its really true! I saw her drive by in her little three wheeler with her mouth WIDE open getting ready to munch down on her pink frosted treat. I guess its fine, really. Meter maids don't really need to be in shape. They don't chase criminals down dark alleys and climb over chain link fences. Although, i would imagine sometimes they need to be able to duck when angry city drivers throw their parking tickets at them.


Blogger jee said...

Nice sighting! Your blog can be like an urban field guide!

Where I lived in Sacramento, there was a really good indy donut shop that always, always had a cop car parked in front of it.

8:38 AM  
Blogger eda said...

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7:40 PM  

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