Friday, June 28, 2013


Its hot in the bay area. I mean HOT. Which is actually strange for us. Summer here is cold and foggy and the sun finally graces us with its presence sometime in October. My cat Roscoe is a long haired big fat guy and i can tell he's been struggling with the heat. He gives me subtle signals like laying spread eagle on the kitchen floor on the cool tile. I decided he might be more comfortable with a hair cut. Have you tried to give your cat a hair cut? Not easy. Cats have claws. Which i think was God's way of telling humans not to cut their hair. The result of Roscoe's time in the barber chair is a bunch of missing fur in patches and scratches up and down my arms. Next summer buddy, you're on your own.


Anonymous Nienke said...

I need to see pictures of the cat!

2:27 PM  

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