Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Michelle and i are packing for a little vacation and it reminded me that i forgot to tell you something! The last time Michelle flew to see her mom in Florida she decided to go ahead and check her bag so that she didn't have to wheel it around behind her during her 2 hour layover in Atlanta. I met her at the gate at SFO and we walked together to the luggage carousel to retrieve her bag. We waited and waited. Around and around went the other passengers bags. Nothing. Finally we spotted her bright yellow suitcase. Something was flapping on the handle. I thought maybe she put a special tag on it so that she would be able to spot it quicker. But as it got closer we realized that it was a pair of her lacy panties! Tied to the handle! What the? Maybe the bag opened and that pair fell out and they just tied it to the handle? No no no, its more sinister than that! When we got home Michelle opened her case and discovered that ALL her panties were missing! They had been stolen by a panty thief! I share this with you as a warning! When packing for a trip make sure you put the granny panties on top! To discourage Mr. Creepy fingers from stealing your sexy ones!


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