Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Squirrel softball

This morning Michelle told me i needed to do a new post because the last one wasn't drawn very well and people might think i cant draw. I always...sometimes...appreciate her blunt delivery. The problem is my scanner is busted and i haven't had a minute to get a new one. So this little drawing was done right in the computer. Not tooooo bad...

anywhooooo... the story that goes along with this is as follows:

Michelle planted a bunch of sunflowers in the back yard. They grew and grew and the faces got HUGE! And there were hundreds of sunflower seeds ready for harvesting. Once harvested, a little salt and an hour in the oven and PRESTO! I save 99 cents on a bag of sunflower seeds for my next softball game. That is unless SOMEONE gets to the seeds first! I came outside this morning and found tons of empty shells on the patio. Apparently there was a squirrel softball game last night and those little buggers ate all my seeds! Dammit!

I'm not really mad about the seeds. 
I'm mad that i missed watching squirrels play softball.


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