Thursday, July 12, 2007

the almighty

Yesterday i decided not to ride my motorcycle to work and walk instead. I'm trying to lose a little weight. But i didnt want to walk home after work so i rode Muni.. the underground train. Yah, me and about a thousand other people who had the same idea. We all crammed ourselves in.. no need to hold on.. nobody was going to fall over since we were wedged in so tight. About halfway between the montgomery and powell stops the train loses power.. stopped in the tunnel.. dead...with no lights and no airconditioning and no way to open the doors. The driver came on the loud speaker after about a minute of absolute silence and told us he didnt know what to do so he was asking the almighty...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That reminds me; The day of the Castro Street Fair, I decided to get out of the 'hood, so I aimed myself at the zoo for some photo ops.
As MUNI was chugging along Taraval, it came to a stop - nothing unusual, until the driver sauntered in to KFC, got in line, ordered his food, and calmly sauntered back a few minutes later. I was slack-jawed.
I wanted to got to up to him and point at the NO FOOD or DRINKS sign, but I figured that he might call Homeland Security and I would miss seeing all of the imprisoned zoo critters.


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