Monday, January 11, 2010


I've become absolutely addicted to the home and garden network. I love watching people do miraculous home improvement projects all in the span of a half hour. They start out with a run down shack and end up with a palace! After watching hour upon hour of HGTV programming i was ready to paint our tiny apartment. Since we're moving out we have to cover up all the whimsical artwork michelle applied to the walls. I worked ALL weekend on the project and now we have really bland beige walls just the way the building managers like it. But here's the thing. I CANT MOVE! I'M SORE!!! I don't think painting is a natural motion for humans. So i have a suggestion for HGTV...create a program that shows the aftermath of what your body goes thru once you've completed the great overhaul. Now THAT would be reality TV!


Blogger ege said...

And we wonder why Johnny drinks so much!

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